We build relationships with those receiving and applying for assistance. Working in this way enables us to engage with families and individuals to tailor the support we can offer.

We would like to introduce several of our clients who worked with their Grants Officers to progress towards their personal goal.

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Susan has known the Charities since May 2016.  On her first contact with her Grants Officer she had been working part time in retail for about six months, working 16 hours a week.  Susan remained in contact with us receiving support, her son also receives support as a Campden Scholar.   Susan was keen to increase her hours and look for alternative employment, she received help updating her CV, identifying suitable employment and applying for job vacancies.  Susan now works more hours in a retail position in Westfield Shopping Centre.

Having searched for support from various agencies that could not give me any time I was referred to Campden Charities . They gave me time. I was supported with clothing for work, grants to improve my living environment and travel to work. When I wanted to change my job, my Grants Officer spent time with me to update and improve my CV, she helped me find jobs that I could apply for. But she not only helped me complete applications, when I was offered work, she supported me through the process I needed to do my job induction. I wouldn’t have been able to improve my employment without their help, it’s a good place to go. I am truly grateful. A big thank to you all, especially my Grants Officer
— Susan

Algernon approached the Charities in September 2016. He was then seeking employment within a Gym. Before that he worked in care home and retail jobs and as a dancer touring with Starlight Express around Japan and London. Hoping to make use of his relevant qualifications, he quickly found work as a Group Instructor, training clients and running a number of classes for a local Gym. In addition he was supported with a number of IT courses, a CPR course and a Patient Handling Course which enabled him to look for less intense work in physiotherapy. Now he is working as a Portering Supervisor at Charing Cross Hospital.

I have been supported by Campden Charities for about three years. They helped me with courses, travel to and from work, furniture and clothing. Help with referring to the food bank is still ongoing. In the past 3 years I had around 4 jobs that didn’t work out for me, but Campden stuck by me and continued helping. The compassions and empathy that my Grants Officer has for people is just wonderful. Now I have started a new job at Charing Cross Hospital as a Portering Supervisor, my luck is changing.
— Algernon

Rowan began working with the Charities in 2012. She was supported with advice on her CV, and jobs searches in field of media production. Rowan received an interview clothing grant and was one of 10 successful applicants out of 2,000 to a 12-month BBC apprenticeship programme. During that time Rowan completed a BTEC in Creative Digital Media and was supported with travel costs. When Rowan secured work as a Runner at the BBC, she was advised to consider other employment routes and qualifications as a back-up to her career goals, which sparked her interest in journalism and podcasts. Rowan worked at The Guardian as their Podcast Production Manager, where she ran the day-to-day activities of the podcast team.  She's now on assignment at Google as an Audio Content Specialist and continues to write a weekly podcast recommendation column, “Hear Here” for The Guardian, as well as managing her own online projects

Campden Charities work with me is unquantifiable. Without their support with travel costs, professional clothing, and coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to continue with the 12-month BBC apprenticeship and certainly wouldn’t be certainly wouldn’t be on assignment at Google now. They showed me optimism and determination in the face of desperate poverty and played a huge role in my current success. I cannot thank them enough.
— Rowan

Delroy has been with the Charities since 2017. As a student he struggled with dyslexia but despite this, qualified as an Art Teacher 10 years ago. He has been working since as a Supply Teacher and has taught a variety of pupils, including students with Autism and Severe Learning Difficulties, many of whom find Art a therapeutic medium. Following the reduction of government funding for Arts, Delroy feels that, by changing subjects, he will be able to increase his employment prospects and earning potential. Delroy has always had a love for English Literature and, with the support of Campden Charities, Delroy is currently studying for an A Level in this subject at Westminster Kingsway College; this will help him on his way to reach his goal.  

I have lived in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea all of my life. The Campden Charities has supported me in so many ways, one of which is to reach my goal in teaching English Literature, with support with course fees and materials. I am embarking on an A level course at the Kingsway Princeton College this will be the first step towards that. I am very thankful to The Campden Charities for the funding they have provided for the course fees and for the continued support I receive from them.
— Delroy

Sepideh approached the Charities in 2009. After secondary education she completed courses in Health and Social Care. In 2009, the Charities supported Sepideh when she secured employment as a Retail Assistant. A few years later, she received help gaining childcare qualifications and later secured employment as an Early Years’ Practitioner. Sepideh was rehoused in permanent accommodation and returned to work following maternity leave. Sepideh continues to work full-time as an Early Years’ Practitioner

I would like to say a massive thank you to the Charities for supporting me over the years and enabling me to be able to apply for my citizenship and passport, this helped me to get back into work. Being able to work has made me have a positive outlook on me and my son’s future. My Grants Officer has been a great support throughout my journey and he has helped me to achieve my goals. Without Campden Charities I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am and I am ever so grateful for everything they have done for me
— Sepideh

Asmahan contacted Charities in 2014. At the time she was volunteering at St Mary’s Hospital within the children’s A&E department providing childcare. Asmahan has a Nursing degree from Ethiopia and she has completed a Health and Social Care Level 3 course at Kensington and Chelsea College, as well as experience as an interpreter in various volunteer positions. In 2017, Asmahan enrolled to undertake a Bachelor of Business and Healthcare Management degree as a mature student. Her Grants Officer assisted her in the registration and application process for this course. Asmahan has been receiving a student grant from the Charities since she began her course. She hopes this course will lead to full-time employment.

The Campden Charities has given me the help and confidence to apply for higher education as well as assisting me with my CV and job applications.
— Asmahan

Demir was 18 and was studying for his A levels at college when he first contacted the Campden Charities in 2012. He had ambitions to study a BA Accounting and Finance at Kent University which included a year in indjustry. Demir was supported under the Charities’ Campden Scholarship programme with a student grant and contribution towards student accommodation for the duration of his degree.  Demir was also supported with grants for clothing and travel to work whilst completing a year’s work experience as an Audit Assistant.  Demir completed his studies and gained a 1st class degree and secured a graduate job.  He will be working for an investment platform called SEI as an Associate.

Throughout my degree I received assistance towards accommodation costs, academic books and materials. This removed some of the stresses of University, enabling me to focus on my studies and meet deadlines. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve a First-class degree without Campden Charities’ support.
— Demir

Hibo has been known to the Charities since June 2016.  She is a single mother of two young children and, at the time of first contact, Hibo was waiting for her youngest child to start nursery full time. Hibo’s Grants Officer helped her to update her CV, identify career options and search for courses at local colleges. Hibo wanted to use her time to improve her qualifications, which would make it easier for her to secure employment.  Hibo remained in contact with her Grants Officer and successfully completed the Childcare Level 2 course.  Hibo is now volunteering at a local nursery to gain more work experience and attending a year-long IT, Maths and English course run by the Charities to improve basic skills.

I was in a difficulty when a friend told me to contact the Campden Charities. The help I was given was major for me and my children. I am so grateful for all the help they have given us.
— Hibo