Working with organisations

We are trying to target our resources where they can be of the most direct benefit to financially disadvantaged individuals. We therefore do not receive unsolicited applications from organisations.

However, the Charities’ officers are eager to meet with colleagues from other not-for-profit organisations to explore ways in which we can work together to help individuals to end dependency on benefits or improve a low wage. We make incentive payments to any not-for-profit non-statutory organisations that successfully refer individuals and families to us. The best way to show us that you are working with the people that we want to help is to refer individuals to us and at the same time you will benefit your organisation.

Referrals: Non-statutory not-for-profit organisations that are working directly with low-income residents of Kensington are eligible to receive £1,000 for each individual or family that they refer successfully (i.e. each individual or family that is awarded a grant or pension).

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